Vladimir & vladimir

Design memoir

Team caricatures for Fomo

UI/UX & Branding for Keeply 2.0
†2016 (with Lucijan Kranjc)

Illustrations for Fomo 

Web, copy & brand for Kamino

UI/UX for Fomo software
†2016 (this is a page from the guidelines booklet)

Illustration for a physics classroom in Gimnazija Poljane
†2016 (realised as a 10m mural, still waiting for the pictures :()

Deer, Bear & Moose Logotype
†2015 (with Emil Kozole & Peter Stupica)

Deer, Bear & Moose Identity
†2015 (with Emil Kozole & Peter Stupica)

The Flavour Spiral - a visual tool for recognising flavours & finding new spirits
†2015 (with Emil Kozole, Peter Stupica & Flaviar)

20/200+ Flavour Spiral specimen
†2015 (with Emil Kozole & Peter Stupica)

Puppet show for the Flaviar App
†2015 (with Peter Stupica)

Illustrations, Photography & UI/UX for the Flaviar App †2015 (with Emil Kozole, Peter Stupica, Miha Artnak, Mitja Mavsar & Flaviar)
••• 2x Brumen Design Award + Grand Brumen Design Award 2015

Ransom Typography for a movie Girls don’t cry
†2015 (with Ana Zibelnik)

Characters for Flaviar
†2015 (with Peter Stupica)

Spirit sample labels for Flaviar

UI/UX for a diabetes management app - InRange
†2014 (with Emil Kozole)

Web design, Illustration & Photography for a Cancer Research Center - Celica Biomedical
†2014 (with Lucijan Kranjc & Kabinet 01)

Character mock-up for a travel agency
†2014 (unrealised; note to self: spend less time for mock-ups)

Print design & photography for CENN
†2013 (with Tilen Sepič)

Posters for Žiga Murko’s summer mini-tour

In-App Shrimp Logo

Keeply Logotype, such happy colors

Co-author and designer of Keeply
†2013 (with Lucijan Kranjc and Kamino)

Artwork for a Proclectic Records compilation
†2013 (watercolors)

Logo specimen for Proclectic Records

Modna Identity
†2012 (with Miha Artnak)

Type for Klub K4 event

Cover artwork for Loutseau

Characters & branding for Si.mobil KIDZ †2011 ••• Best Illustration Award @ SOF 2011

A typface that drips, made with Krink markers.