Vladimir & vladimir

design memoir

Biodynamic wine festival I. & II.
†2018 (left one with Maruša Račič)

Cover design & illustration for Kalu

Kucha logotype

Kucha whole lemon juice

Kucha product label print files
†2018 (first prototypes)

Catalog cover
†2017 (early Kucha design drafts)

Branding, Liturgy
†2017 (with Lucy Rose Albert)

Characters The Guarantors

Team caricatures Fomo

UI/UX & Branding Keeply 2.0
†2016 (with Lucijan Kranjc)

Illustrations Fomo 

Web, copy & brand Kamino

UI/UX Fomo software
†2016 (this is a page from the guidelines booklet)

Illustration for a physics classroom in Gimnazija Poljane
†2016 (realised as a 10m mural, still waiting for the pictures :()

Deer, Bear & Moose Logotype
†2015 (with Emil Kozole & Peter Stupica)

Deer, Bear & Moose Identity
†2015 (with Emil Kozole & Peter Stupica)

The Flavour Spiral - a visual tool for recognising flavours & finding new spirits
†2015 (with Emil Kozole, Peter Stupica & Flaviar)

20/200+ Flavour Spiral specimen
†2015 (with Emil Kozole & Peter Stupica)

Puppet show Flaviar App
†2015 (with Peter Stupica)

Illustrations, Photography & UI/UX Flaviar App †2015 (with Emil Kozole, Peter Stupica, Miha Artnak, Mitja Mavsar & Flaviar)
••• 2x Brumen Design Award + Grand Brumen Design Award 2015

Ransom Typography for a movie Girls don’t cry
†2015 (with Ana Zibelnik)

Characters Flaviar
†2015 (with Peter Stupica)

Spirit sample labels Flaviar

UI/UX for a diabetes management app - InRange
†2014 (with Emil Kozole)

Web design, Illustration & Photography Celica Biomedical
†2014 (with Lucijan Kranjc & Kabinet 01)

Character mock-up for a travel agency
†2014 (unrealised; note to self: spend less time for mock-ups)

Print design & photography CENN
†2013 (with Tilen Sepič)

Posters for Žiga Murko’s summer mini-tour

In-App Shrimp Logo

Keeply Logotype

Co-author & designer Keeply
†2013 (with Lucijan Kranjc and Kamino)

Artwork Proclectic Records
†2013 (watercolors)

Logo specimen Proclectic Records

Modna Identity
†2012 (with Miha Artnak)

Type Klub K4

Cover artwork Loutseau

Characters & branding Si.mobil KIDZ †2011 ••• Best Illustration Award @ SOF 2011

A typface that drips, made with Krink markers.